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Fedora 17

✔ Certified hemp seed

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Fedora 17

Find here the Fedora 17 certified hemp seeds.

This French/Swiss genetic (Federacion Nacional des Producteurs de Chanvre) variety belongs to the Monoic cannabis family.

Fedora 17, suitable for cultivation at any latitude, is used for the production of textile, fiber, biomass and cannabis light flowers. Many cannabis growers use Fedora 17 seeds to obtain cannabis flowers with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.
Fedora 17, is a certified seed registered in the catalog of authorized varieties, so the sale of seeds and clones between EU member states is legally recognized.

Fedora 17 is also particularly rich in terpenes and essential oils, producing a wide range of fragrances and perfumes.

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  • Cannabis family: Monoic
  • Production: Textile, fiber, biomass, cannabis light flowers
  • CBD: High
  • THC: Low
  • ✔ Certified hemp seed



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