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Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum annuum

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Cayenne Pepper

Use Cayenne pepper as a companion plant for cannabis.
Cayenne pepper is a chili pepper plant from South America that can grow almost everywhere. Cayenne has many health benefits and has been used in both medicinal and culinary capacities for thousands of years and remains useful to both fields to this day.

Pepper plants are used in cannabis cultivation to fight spider mites. As Pepper plants don’t like spider mites, they can be placed before the intake of fresh air of the grow rooms in order to prevent the spider mite to enter the grow room. They also can be planted between the cannabis plants for extra-protection.

Order now your Cayenne Pepper clones and keep your plants safe!


  • Scientific name: Capsicum annuum
  • Family: Solanaceae
  • Order: Solanales
  • Genus: Capsicum

Keep your plants safe

This plant is perfect to organically repel the following pesticides:

  • Spider Mites (Tetranychidae)

Tip: put the cayenne pepper plants in front of the intake of fresh air to keep the room protected.

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