Hemp/CBD projects

We want to offer a clean and healthy product for the end consumers but even important for the farmers that work and produce the crop.

We are working on an Hemp farming concept where we work together with agricultural departments. The goal is to help farmers to produce hemp in the most efficient way. We have noticed that a lot of farmers are interested in growing Hemp but there is a lack of knowledge and expertise. This is not surprising since the legal status of the plant for many years. Hemp has been used for a thousand of years in many cultures for different purposes like, for example, the production of clothing. There are many more purposes and together with our farmers we first decide what the purpose of the crop needs to be. OMC Italy SRL (Original Mothers Company) delivers the clones from our facility to make sure we start with an excellent quality and disease free plant.


There is a lot to know regarding Hemp production. We will start off with an educational program towards farmers and the local governments to make sure everybody understands the do’s and the don’ts of growing Hemp. We have members on our team that are considered legends in the Hemp industry and there is no one that can explain hemp better than they do.


Together we decide what is the purpose  of the production, from there we will look for buyers to make sure we can offer a closed circle, from seed (clone) to sale. We are always looking to reduce the risk of the farmers involved and looking to create a sustainable business model that will work year after year.

Subsidies and CO2 emissions

Together with our professional subsidy advisors we will look for subsidies that are available towards the project and/or farmers. We will take care of the entire process to make sure our famers just have to do one thing, Farming. We take care of all the paperwork and administrative burdens.


We believe in cooperating and partnerships. Therefore we suggest to work together with farmers and create a cooperation where all the farmers are active members. This makes it easier to spread investments or the use of machinery, share knowledge and sales channels. In this way we also create relationships within the area and a network of famers actually helping each other.

In the areas we try to communicate as much as possible with local councils to start Social Return programs. This can be the hiring of local workers unemployed at the moment. We have a lot of experience with these kind of projects and we can we give something back to the councils and local areas.

OMC Nutrition

We have developed our own bio-nutritions & bacteria so we make sure our farmers will always use environmentally friendly products and grow without chemicals as less as possible since we produce our own bio-based pesticides. We will offer these nutritions to the public at the end of 2020. For now we only offer B2B and towards our farmers.

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