Government projects

If there is one thing that Harvest Hill excels in, it is building and managing grow facilities and then in a most efficient way. Together with our team, we have years of experience and know how to set up a facility that gives the most output while working sustainable as much as possible.

There is a lot of focus on Medical cannabis and governments are taking steps to regulate or legalize. This is off course a positive development but still many governments or institutions are struggling to actually making it happen. This is where we come in. We not only advise on the correct setup and facility but are also able to create an awareness program towards consumers and advise or help to setup sales channels. This is all modular based and we can offer the entire package or as building blocks.

The large variety of strains and genetics we have access to makes sure there will be more support from the public. A next USP is we are able to produce towards a specific goal and offset.

We see companies profiling themselves as specialists and trying to invent the wheel. Growing cannabis can be complicated and requires a long learning curve. We have been through that already. Our team members have a long history of growing and know all the ins and outs on optimizing result and tackle problems before they arise. This starts with the correct setup and structure to grow in. Together with our partners we design the correct setup depending on the needed output and varieties.

Social Return projects

We feel comfortable integrating social return projects within our setups. This can be focussed on local areas and supporting as much as possible local projects. We also try to offer as much as possible paid jobs and look for employees within the areas where we are active in first. There are many ways to work together with local areas and one and other will depend on what’s needed locally and what input we receive.

Education towards consumers

Although many people embrace cannabis for medical purposes we see that knowledge about cannabis itself is still lacking. We are an advocate of creating awareness and education programs. like this consumers know what they consume and for what purpose. This is called our harm reduction program.


The next step of creating awareness is inform consumers about the exact ingredients of the product they have bought. Where was it grown, what are the cannabinoid levels and when was it produced. We can supply testing results so consumers are sure of what they buy.

Supply chain and distribution is something we can assist in. This will depend on the model our customer chooses regarding the introduction and production of cannabis. Creating sales channels is as much important then having a lot of knowledge about producing. At the end, someone or an institution needs to buy the product. Creating and establishing sales channels is a venture on its own and we are happy to discuss our view on this.


We are able to consult on most matters within the industry. Since we have built a very large network over the years we have access to a lot of partner companies and advisors.

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