Who we are

Cannabis devoted experts, that’s how we can call ourselves. With more than fifty combined years of experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry among our founders, we deserve that title. Our experience covers many aspects of the industry from government regulations to cultivation and breeding.

Harvest Hill Capital Management is based in the Netherlands and acts as a Holding company for the different daughter companies expanding into several countries fast, with projects around Cannabis and Hemp. The last daughter company of the family is OMC: Original Mothers Company. This refers to the collection of original mother plants we gathered over the years and that we’re now ready to offer to growers all over the World as high quality clones.

Our team was founded by three veterans in the cannabis industry. All three with different angles within the industry was the perfect foundation of Harvest Hill.


Our team was founded by three veterans in the cannabis industry. All three with different angles within the industry was the perfect foundation of Harvest Hill.

Ronald E.M. Kreeft
Genetics, grow facility efficiency and managing everything that has to do with the plant itself is dealt with by Ron. With more than 35 years industry experience Ron has seen it all. He is considered as one of the most respected breeders in the industry worldwide and is forming a team of breeders around him that will be by far the best development team within the market. Ron has a huge passion for the plant and that shows back in the products he developed. Further he was the founder and owner of several companies within the industry supplying cannabis to the public, co-founded several well-known seed companies and won a substantial amount of cannabis cups with genetics from his hand.

Ybo Huisman
Ybo is a military veteran an international serial entrepreneur who established several successful companies believing in mainly sales and marketing. Among others he build and sold a international leisure company and an sustainable energy company in the Netherlands. In the Cannabis industry he is active with banking services and consultancy towards mainly cannabis seed companies. Therefore Ybo has a big network and is pushing the company towards a corporate level setup. Ybo deals mainly with governments and corporations and has a big expertise in pushing companies to the next level. Ybo has founded several successful companies in most potential and innovative markets.

Natalia Faehnrich
Marketing and company structure is managed by Natalia. Making it happen is one thing but making it happen in a structured way and tackle all problems beforehand is something Natalia is very capable off. She is the owner of one of the bigger, as not the biggest genetics company within the industry and is working between consumers and the professional industry for more than 12 years.

Global Team

Guus Jan Lieberwerth (board of advisors)

Guus is a prominent scholar in terms of biodiversity, permaculture, ecological cultivation and breeding of seeds. (all kind of genetics) He is an avid collector of genetics from 1979 up to the present day, it’s therefore about the largest private collection off genetics in the world, this collection includes also a big amount cannabis & hemp genetics. Guus started breeding Cannabis strains in the ‘60.

Giulia Rondoni
With almost 10 years of experience in the cannabis business around Europe, Giulia plan and coordinate all aspects of sales, new business development, customer acquisition, and retention. Giulia takes care of customer relationships and communication motivated by a real passion for the plant and a strong belief in the potential of the cannabis business.

Sebastiaan – Web- & multimedia design and maintenance

Our Network

We can count on a team of cannabis legends around us.

  • Our breeders creating new strains and researching plants.
  • Our growers that are growing the companion plants to fight predators in a natural way.
  • Our team of cannabis growers
  • Our tissue culture specialists that spend most of their time inside the laboratory.
  • Our network for educational purposes. We have some Cannabis and Hemp icons on board who are willing to educate farmers and growers on production.
  • Our project managers who make sure we implement everything in an organized and efficient way.

And others around us like advisors, team of lawyers and friends.

We are confident and proud to say that we offer the most experienced and complete team worldwide. This means we are facing less risk on crop failures and all the financial losses that comes with that. Second we won’t make the ’rookie’ mistakes since our team has already made most of the mistakes in the past and are way ahead in the learning curve.

What we do

High quality clones from original mothers plants is what we do.

We’ve put in a lot of time, connections and experience to identify the best genetics and desirable phenotypes in order to provide our customers with the best possible product. Our clones are all feminized and pure genetics in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Original is the key word here, so whether looking for original landraces varieties or elite strains, we provide a huge variety of hard to find genetics selected by prestigious breeders as well as passionate connoisseur.

A clone is the exact genetic copy of the mother plant it came form and our clones are made exclusively from original mother plants kept in the best healthy and stable conditions in our state-of-the-art facility.

The care and cures for the mothers plant are the base to provide high quality clones that will be transformed, through the hand of the grower, into high quality end products. Ours clones insure the success of the in a variety of settings and suit both experts and novice that will appreciate a strong growth straight from the start.

Working with clones means that the growers can foresee with precision the outcome of the crop and maintain the constancy of the product.

The facility

When producing clones, the growing environment is an important factor for the quality and health of the plants.

The rooms and the work is organized in order to get the best from the plants and to create the perfect conditions for them to spread.

The experience of our breeders allowed us to choose the best materials and techniques and to create the perfect setup to develop strong roots and leaves.

Projects and services

To enter the cannabis and hemp business and to create large-scale growing project maximizing the investment and minimizing the risk is a huge challenge and even more if you don’t have any experience and the right products and bases.

We offer you our expertise and knowledge to guide you in the creation of you project or business educing operational challenges and pitfalls, so that your focus can be directed toward growing the business.

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